Born 1984

I am working with an idea of no sketch and no finished work. It is a constant flow that is necessary otherwise I will kill the spontaneous energy a drawing have that I want to express through my work. Nothing is more important than the other because the small drawing in the so-called sketch book is what lies before the next 20 meters mural and the mural is what inspires the next doodle next to the telephone, one thing cannot exist without the other. I am interested in working with my things in the so-called "public space", away from the art institutions. When I work on a wall in a city where there are people passing by, they interact with the process and I interact with the whole idea of that space. What once was a place that no one noticed or never thought of as anything else than a wall and not a place where they would expect art. All of a sudden I enter a dialogue and I am communicating directly with the people, maybe some get angry because they do not like what I do or they get frustrated when I tell them that I have no sketched out plans for the project. Some get overwhelmingly happy that I want to paint something in the city where they live, they get proud. Whatever happens we talk and meet and that is amazing. As an artist I think it is extremely important to meet people at eye level and not distance your work too much from the people and the world I actually believe in we work for.

When I place a house on top of a burning Danish hot dog, new things come up to the surface and questions need to be asked and that is when it gets interesting and funny!

The workshops will try to bring the village together and show how already existing things with very small changes can turn a negative energy to a positive energy. My hope is that we will be creating works in public space. A kind of landmark that shows the identity of the village and of the inhabitants. It is going to be extremely exciting.

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