Bank & Rau consists of visual artists: Lone Bank & Tanja Rau.

We work on the borderlines of the art territory, where art meets other fields. Traditionally art is freed of practical value, and should as such not be used for anything, but for us it has shown important to juxtapose art to the utilitarian world we live in, and a unifying principle in our work, is the work of the hand and the working collective. Our work has a strain of folklore and often connects the practical with the esoteric.

Bank & Rau is placed in a kind of avant-garde slipstream, where the artist (group) has a wish to recreate the world, with its things and life, recreate it in their own image, to become a free human being in a free world, by setting aside tradition and through changing the appearance of all human made things.

As Bank & Rau we have organized Art Parades in the streets, sumptuous eatable installations, Theatre Performance, art fairs, tea towels and table cloths, furniture, mobiles, reliefs, mosaics, sculptures, paintings and much more.

In our art we have a great appetite for investigating new kinds of material, which again calls for other techniques than the known, and therefore is capable of describing new conditions, and we end up with a work that surrounds the viewer through its tactile presence. Sometimes in defined art spaces, sometimes outside.

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