Born 1979, graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts 2010, lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The practice of Julie Bitsch concerns transient encounters retained in matter.

Social Modelings
In her Social Modelings Bitsch captures the collective duration of large social contexts by encouraging assemblies of people to leave their personal imprint of the encounter by chewing pieces of gum and sticking it onto a predesigned scaffold, thus molding a figure mimicking the traditional molding craft of sculpting but with the important twist of public interaction and the use of the contemporary material chewing gum. The chewing gum sculptures are later cast in bronze and thereby also address the traditional hierarchy of the sculpting tradition by inviting the particular citizens affected by the statue into the very molding process.

Monumental Gaps
Bitsch' material fascination and her profound engagement in the ephemeral time-space constellations of matter as such are further exposed in her intimate one to one relations titled Monumental Gaps 1:1. In these works Bitsch captures the duration of the meeting by enveloping a static surface in a receptive material such as plaster or wax, and in the intimate process of application creates a double imprint of the encounter: the impression of the surface on one side and the markings of her gestures on the other; thus the 'art piece' left after the process is residual rather than representational.

The transitory nature of matter, and thereby existence, are explored further in Bitsch' delicate Bits pieces where peripheral bodily materials like hair, skin and nails are worked into frail sculptures, emphasizing her residual practice but collapsing it back onto the body of the artist herself, thus pointing to the decaying material conditions and immanent sculptural qualities of the human condition.

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