My work has over gradually through the years shifted from making drawings, and sculptural works to a practice in which different disciplines are involved, exploring across the media of drawing, drawing, painting, print, photography, performance and sculpture.
In my work I’m interrogating the social, emotional and physical aspects of corporeality and how different environments can affect the body.
I examine the relationships between the body and the general form language in sculpture and architecture, in a global society where the relationship of the individual with regard to the larger social structures often are overlooked.
I find relationships between tangible objects and I am looking at the relationship between form and matter. The difference between an actual form and the supposed archetypal form and how this form/environment influence us. In the recent years this way of working led to live performances, live performance photography and collages combining found footage.
I work with these mediums broadly related to my research on what I call the 'city-shape'. I believe that objects and the environments physicality not only affect how we move in this environment but also affects our state of being. In these works I explore how simple shapes create memories and affect us on a social and cultural level.

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