Lise Skou is an artist from Denmark, informed by post-capitalistic politics and capitalist globalization particularly by the work of J.K. Gibson Graham, Nancy Folbre and David Graeber.

Skou is engaged in an art practice that uses multiple mediums - video, installation, performative strategies, research, activism etc. Her work can be seen as an ongoing investigation into various connections between: practical rethinking of economic structures, production and circulation of materials and ideas surrounding contemporary political, economic and social debate, the subject of revolution, people’s movement and feminist struggle, individual empowerment within collective experiences.

Through her collective practise, she envisions non-capitalistic economies and tries to show a landscape of economic diversity - one that is not exclusively or predominantly capitalistic - and examines the challenges of alternative economic interventions. Via empirical evidence from local economic projects Skou describe a politics of possibility that can build different economies. She urges us to confront the forces that stand in the way of economic experimentation and to explore new ways of moving from theory to action. To this aim, she employs conceptual and methodological approaches borrowed from artistic and academic practices such as anthropology and sociology.

Her most recent collaborative projects strive to produce knowledge about the historical roots and possible futures of the current political-economic crisis taking into consideration feminist issues and gendered economic struggles. These initiatives aims to develop a framework for understanding the present political-economic crisis and for acting within and beyond it from a feminist perspective.

In 2013 her most recent film The Revenge of The Crystals (2012) was shown at It’s The Political Economy Stupid’, curated by Gregory Sholette and Oliver Ressler, at Pori Art Museum, Pori, Finland.

Her work has been shown widely. Amongst other at ‘Extreme Crafts’at Freies Museum, Berlin, and at ‘Bucharest biennale #4 - on producing possibilities’ curated by Felix Vogen and Razvan Ion.

In 2013 she completed a residency at ZKU - Zentrum Kunst Urbanitet in Berlin.
She is a graduate of the Whitney Independent Study Program in New York.

She was previously a guest pofessor at The Institute of Sociology at Copenhagen where she tought the Master course The Artist As Sociologist together with fellow artist Andrea Creutz (SE).

Over the past decade, she has frequently curated projects as a member of the artist collective rum46, an artist community in Århus, Denmark that function as a social and collaborative space.

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