Misa Namekawa is a Japan based artist. After receiving the BA of Human Science at the Osaka University in 1981, she studied drawing at the Osaka Municipal Institute of Fine Art.

In her early times, she mainly made copper printings, and has been taking many techniques, such as drawings, three dimensional works, conceptual works, and installations. During her living in New York between 1995 and 2004, her significant works were a series of drawings ‘Fragments’, and a project work ‘Fragile Art’, which was collaboration with people in NewYork. Recent her works are mainly installations.

Namekawa has had solo and group shows every year. One of the remarkable show was ‘The Copy Paradise, and the Light and Shadow’ (Kobe, 2010), which was an installation work by thousands of porcelain pieces. She has had drawing workshops in the USA, the UK, and Japan since 2003. She participated in the art in residence in Gludsted, Denmark in 2012.

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