"The art of wind" "I think that it is out of question to imitate nature, and impossible to recreate it. I merely want to produce something as it is in nature, like plants bearing fruit and also I would like to do this without using a medium directly". J. Arp

Hereby, Arp explains the theory which insists how art should be produced as a parallel, polemical concept to the creation of nature, Rikuo Ueda refines the theory even more clearly because his works are not drawn by hand directly, but by the force of the wind (so called "wind drawing"), that is to say, the tracing of the wind blowing, which is inscribed on the canvas or the paper by pens fixed on the tip of tree branches. According to wind movement which has innumerable changes.
"The tracing of the wind" shows its existence on the paper. Therefore, his attempt to create works is a guest for the lives which are being embraced in nature, not a way of Automatism as in Surrealism which is expressed in art as human beings' subconciousness.
In other words, Ueda questions the existence of the object as the subject, not the predicate which is supposed to be the attachment to works in the concept of art hitherto. In other words, the predicate can't become art without mention it as subject beside the works in a general idea. Contrary to this, in his art, the accidental quality of nature is more of an original element than our human intentionality. The all existences in nature acquire priority over any action of the human hand directed their mind called as essential truth.

Nature, itself is a solemn and dignified arrangement, but the works of human beings can hardly be called the same. Forgetting such premises, people in modern society are daringly attempting to buildup an artificial world, opposed to nature. This can be seen as a conceit, because it has caused environmental problems for example, pollution. Now, in this time, Ueda has raised the big questions of what art should be and the existence of human beings themselves through his works "wind drawing".
(Critics: Sigenobu Kimura)

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