Born in Osaka, Japan, 1965.
Yoshihisa Sano studied at the Kawahara Design College. From the age of 29 Mr. Sano began to focus on painting disciplines.
In 2003 he started a new series of wooden sculptures and installations in camellia trees. After completing an Artist-in-Residence program in Denmark in 2005,
Mr. Sano began his making sculpture and installations using P.E.T.(plastic) bottles to create monumental pieces linked and joined without the use of any glues or adhesives.

Solo exhibitions
2012 Yoshihisa Sano exhibition, Gallery Amrita, Osaka City, Japan.
2012 Yoshihisa Sano exhibition, Ashiya Garo, Ashiya City, Hyogo, Japan.
2011,2012 Yoshihisa Sano exhibition, Gallery Yusai, Nara City, Japan.
2010 Yoshihisa Sano exhibition, SoHo art gallery, Osaka City, Japan.
2007,2008 Yoshihisa Sano exhibition, Gallery Kanoko, Osaka City, Japan.
2006 Yoshihisa Sano exhibition, Gallery Ami, Osaka City, Japan.

Group exhibitions
2013 TRANSNATIONAL ART, Enokojima Art, Cutlure and Creative Center, Osaka, Japan.
2011 ARS JAPONICA Contemporary art of Japan, AVA Gallery, Helsinki, Finland.
2011 World Exhibition POST-IT, Galleri Rostrum, Malmo, Sweden.
2009,2010,2011,2012 TRANSNATIONAL ART, Osaka Contemporary Art Center, Japan.

2011 Arima-Spa Side Street Art Project 2011, Kobe city, Hyogo, Japan.
2009 DRAWING ENCOUNTER; between Hannover & Nagoya 2009,
Nagoya University of Arts, Japan.
2008 International Workshop 'DRAWING',
Hannover, Germany.
2005 International Workshop REMISEN-BRANDE, Brande, Denmark.

2012 Project Art in movement, Kloster, Kibaek, Klovborg, Denmark.
- the international in the local and the local in the international


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